Trevista Vineyards Valle de Guadalupe

Trevista Vineyards Valle de Guadalupe
Trevista Vineyards Valle de Guadalupe

In Trevista Vineyards Valle de Guadalupe this is the passion for the traditional and the greatest possible perfection

James Taylor he is a passionate man, who focuses solely on making pure Tempranillo wine, He is in search of perfection not in maximum production. He firmly believes that to make an excellent wine requires an excellent fruit and is what he is dedicated to production, he manages his soil very carefully giving him the nutrients and organic and sustainable particles that is what gives life to his fruit to later be able to convert it into the quality of wine he offers. His phrase is and I quote: “I’m not here just to make money, I’m here to personally perfect the art of winemaking,” — “No estoy aquí solo para hacer dinero, estoy aqui para perfeccionar el arte de hacer vino”

Hilda Pacheco Taylor A woman originally from Ensena, she spent much of her life in California where she founded Corazón de Vida, an organization that helps orphanages in Tijuana and Ensenada. She loves to cook and bring people together in a perfect time sharing with family, food and wine.


Where can I do a wedding in valle de Guadalupe?

If you are looking for your event to be something really special this is your place, surrounded by nature and a family atmosphere ideal to invite all your friends and have unforgettable memories of your wedding, XV years and birthday

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Contact:​ GPS Coordinates: 32.101885,-116.612994

If you need to get to Trevista Vineyards Valle de Guadalupe and do not want to drive or do not know the place and want to enjoy you and your friends of the trip, we can help you, we are at your service

We have vehicles with driver to visit the places of your predilection or we can organize a tour for everyone

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