Cerro el Coronel

Hiking – Senderismo o Trekking en el Cerro El Coronel en Rosarito, ¿cuál es su diferencia?

Hiking or hiking is an outdoor activity that helps you enjoy the landscape as well as breathe fresh air, ideal for the whole family since they can do the activity at their own pace and it is not competition of strength but of resistance, the good thing is that if you get tired you stop for a while. It should not be confused with Trekking acontinuacion we explain the difference.

The HIKING is an activity just like the TREKKING it is outdoors, but there is a HUGE difference since the first is quiet and for everyone, the second is to remote places practically outside civilization where you can not find help in case you need it, it is NOT recommended for inexperienced people because in case of any unforeseen event they will not be able to receive assistance from any other person and in this if it is very important always to be accompanied by someone else.

Cerro el Coronel en Rosarito Baja California

In Rosarito we have a place to practice this activity called Cerro El Coronel which is 707 meters or 2,320 feet above the sea. It takes you about an hour to climb it depending on your speed.

Requisitos para hacer hiking – senderismo o Trekking en el Cerro El Coronel en Rosarito

Before you start hikking or senderismo

Always mentalize that the time invested in this trip will be for your inner discovery or simply to hang out with your family you decide. Before starting your adventure you should go for breakfast, hydrated and with comfortable and thermal clothes.

When to wear a slipper, when to wear boots on my hiking?

the shoe is used on routes with the most even terrain and without so much loose stone or leaves, or anything else that can make you slip, the boots are used with terrain difficult to walk or very inclined, with an excellent grip and that are as comfortable as possible.

Should I use a long cane when hikking?

It is recommended for good support when walking since we can step on some loose earth or hole. You can use a rod that you find around the place but it could break, it would be much better if you could buy one and take it (NO CANE), the cane is smaller if you would get tired more instead with the rod you can have more support at the time of walking

  • Shoes with good grip above comfortable shoes
  • Backpack
  • Bottle of water
  • Lantern
  • Cell phone fully charged its battery since you run out very quickly, I do not know how to explain it but it lasts much less than normal, it can be the height.
  • Medication in case you take them.
  • A first aid kit hoping never to use them
  • Jacket because even though the sun is up is very cold, seriously very cold
  • Some snack or slice because it will make you hungry
  • Toilet paper
  • Cap for the sun
  • Cap for the cold
  • Compass
  • Map (Sometimes you do not grab the cell phone in certain areas or you can finish the battery)

How to get to Cerro el Coronel in Rosarito?

If you need to get to this place and do not want to drive or do not know the place and want to enjoy you and your friends of the trip, we can help you, we are at your service

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Hiking Senderismo Escursionismo (Trekking)

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